Pharmacy Services

New Medicine Service

The New Medicine Service is a new NHS service whereby the Klub Pharmacy will contact you about your newly prescribed medicine.

If your new medicine fits into the list given to us by the NHS we will give you a series of 2 follow-up calls or appointments where we talk about your progress with the medicine. If you are having difficulty with this medicine, whether it is giving side effects, not working as you’d expect or you simply can’t get on with it, our pharmacist will be able to either help you resolve the issue or refer to the GP to get an alternative treatment.

Please contact us to request more information on the NHS New Medicine Service

Home delivery

Klub Pharmacy offers FREE prescription deliveries in your local area if you are elderly, housebound or disabled.

Our delivery service runs throughout the week and is not an NHS service. We therefore ask politely if you can try and keep delivery requests to a minimum. As part of our service we must obtain a signature on delivery so please also make sure you are at your delivery address at the time.

Medicine Use Reviews

Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) are part of a range of new NHS pharmacy services on offer.

Our Klub Pharmacy pharmacist is an expert in medicines and so can help you with all aspects of the treatment your GP has given you and even help you manage your over the counter medicines and supplements.

The Medicine Use Review will therefore help you understand your medical conditions better, how to take and use your treatments so you get the best results and help you deal with any side effects. If there are any issues identified either the Pharmacist will help find the solution between you or for more complicated or serious issues the Pharmacist will make a referral for you.

Medicine Use Reviews are conducted quickly and with minimum fuss. It may take as little as a few minutes and most people have found the review interesting and highly useful.

Please ask at the Pharmacy counter for details and to get your review completed.

This is a much different review to that is conducted by your GP, both being very important so please do not cancel any GP review.

Private and veterinary prescriptions

Private and veterinary prescriptions are dispensed much in the same way as NHS prescriptions. We can usually source these medications within 24 hours too.

The prescriptions from vets and private doctors incur charges unlike the standard government set charges. These charges are based on the cost of the medicine supplied and a small mark-up for our services as you would get from any retail purchase.

Please feel free to contact us prior beforehand to get a quote on our price. If you have found a better price elsewhere please let us know and we can often price-match.

NHS prescriptions

Fast accurate dispensing of NHS prescriptions form the base of our Pharmacy work.

We can usually dispense your prescriptions quickly and easily using our expertly managed stock, usually within a few minutes while you wait.
Sometimes all pharmacies experience supply issues or you have a more unusual medication prescribed. In these exceptional circumstances we can often source this harder to find medication using one of our many wholesalers.
We get twice daily deliveries of our stock and so if you need any medications quickly and we don’t hold it in stock we should be able to dispense it for you within 24 hours and possibly later that day.