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Experienced, helpful, discreet and friendly staff always there to help.
Doctors appointments are not easy at all around this area but by visiting this pharmacy instead, I save myself and my family time and trouble. Instead of trying to book and wait for a GP appointment, I just pop into this pharmacist and get most things treated. For example they prescribed treatment for my sons verruca, no big questions asked just looked at it and gave treatment,quick and simple. To be honest they look more enthusiastic then a doctor.
And Unlike most pharmacys round here they let you breath when you first enter, if you look puzzled then they will offer assistance. As a customer they offer everything I could need. Top ratings *****

Visited in August 2015. Posted on 08 August 2015


 Very informed, intellectual pharmacist and counter staff

Very happy with information and advice I received. I went to my GP who was not very helpful at all, gave me a prescription which did not mean anything at all. I was seen more or less straight away, the chemist explained when and how to take it and what it can be for. very pleased . Thank you all

Visited in July 2014. Posted on 01 September 2014